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Floor RepairFloor Repair and Joint Protection

Industrial floors often break down at the control joints. This can be due to slabs that are rocking (select Solutions/Slab Stabilization for more info) or constant hammering from heavy forklift traffic. Spalled concrete is concrete that is chipped, cracked, and deteriorating. This often happens right at a joint. The best way to fix these is with an epoxy or polyurethane mortar. The fastest way to repair a spall is to use Floor Fix polymer resin and make a mortar using oven dry sand. This material is traffic-ready in 10 minutes! Prime Bond 3100 or Prime Bond 3900 also makes a fantastic mortar if you have time for the material to cure (usually overnight).

Joint Protection

Assuming the slabs are not moving, the solution to prevent further damage is our Joint Shield line of epoxy and polyurea joint fillers. These materials will support the sidewalls of the joints and bridge the gap that currently allows the traffic to beat up the joint edge. Don’t confuse these materials with typical joint sealers that are only applied at the surface. These are full depth materials that are strong enough and flexible enough to withstand continuous steel wheel traffic but not so rigid as to weld the joint together. Joint Shield 5000 is our old standby epoxy joint filler. For faster turnaround with the ability to shave the joints flush, try our Joint Shield 5500 or Joint Shield 5700 polyurea joint fillers. We serve the cities of Tallahassee, Lake City and Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas.