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If you think that you are experiencing foundation failure in your home, take a look around to search for signs of failure. Obvious signs include foundation cracks, bowing and cracking exterior walls, and sloping floors. There are also other signs of failure that you may not notice right away.

Gaps in Doors and Windows

Window and Door ProblemsMany people do not realize that the draftiness in their home could be due to foundation problems. If there are gaps around your windows and doors that are letting air into the home, it could be the result of foundation settlement or sinking. One main cause of foundation sinking is foundation movement. Foundation shifting can cause walls to bow or twist, causing gaps to form between the window and the wall. Another cause of gap formation is voids under your home that pull the walls down and form gaps around windows and doors. If you see that there are gaps around your windows and doors, call us at once.

Sticking Doors and Windows

Another problem that many homeowners do not think to connect to foundation failure is sticking doors or windows. If you have doors or windows that are difficult to open or close, or have cracks and gaps around them, do not assume it is only humidity. It may be a sign that your home is experiencing foundation failure. Just as settlement or foundation shifting can cause gaps to open between the wall and the window or door, these issues can also cause doors or windows to stick.

When the walls sink, heave, or twist due to foundation movement, they push against window or door frames, causing the window to get stuck when it is opened or closed. Sticking windows or doors that result from foundation problems are usually accompanied by other issues, such as uneven floors, gaps around windows or doors, molding pulling away or cracking, and cracks in the drywall or foundation near windows or doors. If you notice any of these problems in addition to sticking doors or windows, call Foundation Professionals of Florida.

Solutions to Fix Gaps in Doors and Windows

Window and Door ProblemsFortunately for Florida homeowners, the expert foundation repair crew at Foundation Professionals of Florida are able to provide the solutions needed to fix windows and door problems and lift settling foundations:

Steel piers and helical piers are used like steel stilts that are installed under the concrete to lift and stabilize the home. By anchoring into deep soils, they offer both support and lift. Another solution is to use void filing techniques to lift the foundation and stabilize soil below. These methods use a cement or polyurethane grout that is injected beneath the concrete to fill in the voids and compact the soil around these voids. We even offer structural repair with professional structural engineers to repair your foundation. Contact Foundation Professionals of Florida today to learn how we can solve your window and door problems.