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Foundation LevelingAt some point in aging, most foundations and homes begin to settle. This generally happens at different rates throughout a home’s foundation, so different parts of the foundation sink further than others. Because of the settlement, you will begin to notice cracks in your walls, uneven and cracked floors, and sticking doors and windows. If you have an uneven and settling foundation, we can help. We are your foundation repair in Jacksonville, FL and the entire state of Florida experts!

You may be wondering why a home’s foundation settles over time. If the soil is not correctly compacted when a home is built, its foundation will quickly settle. Most settling causes aren’t man-made. Through the years, the soils beneath a home compact and expand with changes in temperature and saturation and eventually weaken. If temperatures or saturation change very quickly, it is even harder on the soil. When the soils beneath your home lose their original strength, your home’s foundation may begin to settle into them. If the soils around your foundation are extremely saturated, they will put hydrostatic pressure on your it. If this pressure becomes too powerful, your foundation may crack and become uneven.

Foundation Professionals of Florida has extensive experience in commercial foundation stabilization in Florida, also. No job is too big. If you have a commercial building in Florida that needs stabilization, contact us.

Types of Foundation Leveling and Lifting in Florida

An uneven foundation is not only physically unappealing but dangerous. If you don’t take care of an uneven foundation right away, it may quickly deteriorate the value of your home. Don’t worry though; there are a few options when it comes to leveling and lifting a foundation. Helical slab brackets, foam resin injections, compaction grouting, or permeation grouting.

Helical slab brackets are used with helical piers, are installed easily, and provide years of support. They can be used with floating or poured on grade slabs. The bracket is installed on top of the helical pier and supports the concrete. With foam resins, we inject the foam using a two-component pump. The injection flows in, fills all of the voids and cavities beneath your concrete, and expands. With compaction grouting, we rapidly expand polyurethane foam and inject it into the ground. It fills voids and compacts the soil around it. When permeation grouting is used, the grout permeates the soil but doesn’t expand yet. Once it is cured, it glues the soil particles together. Then, we quickly expand the grout in short bursts, lifting the above concrete. With this process, we can control how much the slab is lifted.

If you’ve noticed that your foundation is uneven and shifting, it is time to give us a call. Our leveling and lifting techniques will stabilize your foundation back to its original position. We serve the cities of Tallahassee, Lake City and Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas. We’ll be happy to help.