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Foundation Wall Anchors "Plate Anchors" for Bowing Walls

Foundation plate anchors Jacksonville FLThe ECP Plate Anchors are designed to stabilize cracking and bowed foundation walls. Wall plate anchors secure basement and retaining walls that are bowing, leaning or cracking due to excessive outside soil pressure. This hydrostatic pressure is the result of water buildup in the soils surrounding your home. Once the pressure has exceeded the original design strength of the wall you will see cracking followed by leaning or bowing of basement walls.

ECP Plate Anchors consist of an inside wall plate, an outside anchor and a high strength rod tying them together. This unique design has made the ECP wall plate anchor the number one anchor in the industry.

The inside wall plate is fabricated from hot-rolled steel and measures 12" X 26". The wall plate has two embossed reinforcing ribs for additional stiffness, plus a 4" square washer that is included for added strength.

The Ground Plate Anchor, fabricated from two high strength plates, has four reinforcing ribs and four cleats providing approximately 430 square inches of soil bearing surface. The wall plate and Plate Anchor are connected by a 3/4" diameter continuously threaded steel tie rod and secured with nuts. The Plate Anchor assembly is hot dipped galvanized for protection against corrosion for many years of reliable service and support.

Benefits of Wall Anchors

The ECP Plate Anchors are the most economical method for providing supplemental lateral force to help stabilize bowed and cracked walls affected by hydrostatic pressures. The installation is quick using handheld equipment and requires minimal excavation or disturbance to the yard. For more information contact us or see our engineering section for specifications. We serve the cities of Lake City, Tallahassee and Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding areas.

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