Voids Under TD Bank Foundation in Gainesville, FL

cement grout injection in Gainesville FLTD Bank offers a variety of banking services and solutions for both individuals and businesses. The branch in Gainesville, FL is located on W. University Road and serves many people in the area. Bank officials were concerned when they noticed that there was a void that appeared to have formed underneath a sidewalk nearby the building. Voids like this can be dangerous, as they can lead to foundation and structural damage and may also collect water, causing moisture-related problems.

Luckily, Foundation Professionals of Florida was contacted to investigate the approximate 6 by 6 ft depression that was noted near the southeast corner of the building, underneath a sidewalk. Our team provided an inspection for the issue and inspected the void to determine the best solution.

The Solution  – Cement Grout Injection

Our geotechnical engineer derived a remediation plan for us to stabilize the soil beneath the sidewalk and surrounding areas. This plan involved what is known as cement grout injection, a method used to stabilize soils and lift sinking concrete slabs. Settling or cracking concrete slabs are common in Florida since they are often caused by the formation of sinkholes or the erosion or shifting of sandy soils.

Our team was able to inject a cement grout into the voids under the sidewalk. This grout filled the voids, stabilizing the above concrete and providing lift as well as support. This method helps to close cracks and also compacts the soil surrounding the void, leading to a well-stabilized soil. This is important, as it helps to prevent further settlement and issues with the concrete. Once the void was filled and the concrete sidewalk was stabilized, the building was no longer at risk of developing foundation issues or a water problem due to the nearby void.

If you see a void or depression near your business, contact Foundation Professionals of Florida immediately.