For several years, city ordinances in Cape Coral, Florida specified that all seawalls had to be made from precast concrete panels. This is an expensive option for the many home and business owners in need of seawall repair or replacement after Hurricane Irma. In addition, there is not an unlimited number of contractors who are able to handle this kind of job.

As of February 20, 2018, the Cape Coral City Council approved resolution 45-18. This resolution allows a greater variety of materials for seawalls to be used in the city. The council and mayor voted unanimously for the allowance of two different kinds of vinyl seawalls proposed by city staff. This opens the door to a range of more affordable options for seawall repair and replacement in Cape Coral. Vinyl seawall repairs are also not prone erosion like concrete is, meaning they tend to hold up well and have longer warranties.

Foundation Professionals of Florida is able to provide our expert seawall repair services to the Cape Coral, FL area.

Why Seawalls are Needed in Cape Coral

For any home or business owners that have waterfront property, seawalls are of major importance. These retaining structures prevent coastal erosion to keep structures free of water damage and to keep them from shifting due to soil movement. However, damaged or worn seawalls are not able to adequately protect the properties that they surround from the effects of beach erosion.

After Hurricane Irma, several homes in the area were left with severely damaged seawalls. A lot of seawalls in the area were already 30-50 years old, meaning that many of them already suffered from fractures and failures related to age and weathering. The hurricane left an even greater amount of existing concrete seawalls in Cape Coral ineffective. Hundreds of homes in the city are still in need of seawall repair.

Only a seawall expert can help you determine the best repair option for your seawall. If you are one of the many in need of seawall repair or replacement for your Cape Coral, FL home or business, we can help. Call Foundation Professionals of Florida today if you have seawall damage similar to that pictured below.

seawall damaged by hurricane irma

damaged seawalls in cape coral fl