Foundation Repair Miami, Florida

Miami, FL receives an annual rainfall of 60 inches compared to the national average of 36.5 inches. This excess of rainfall can cause some problems for Florida homes.

When the ground around your home becomes saturated, it places hydrostatic pressure on your foundation. Because Miami receives a huge amount of rainfall in a little time, the ground can become overly saturated. When this happens, an excess of hydrostatic pressure is placed on a home’s foundation. The foundation will then begin to crack, letting in water, insects, and even critters.

Foundation Professionals of Florida uses the very best in underpinning products to fix these issues in Miami, Florida. The use of slab piers can actually lift and level your cracked slab, and then we can grout any slab cracks which can actually make your slab stronger than it originally was. Call us for foundation repair.

Additional Services in Miami, Florida

Seawall Repair Miami, Florida

If you live on the coast of Florida, you know that water damage can be a problem. Putting up a seawall (also known as a bulkhead) may protect your home from coastal erosion and other issues that develop for waterfront homes. However, problems may develop with your seawall that cause it to become unstable. This is where seawall repair services from Foundation Professionals of Florida come in. Seawall and lake wall repair from Foundation Professionals of Florida offer the following benefits for Miami, FL homes:

  • Stabilized sea wall
  • Erosion prevention
  • Protection from water damage
  • No excavation required
  • Quick and efficient installation

If you have noticed your seawall starting to crack or bow, we can help. We install helical seawall anchors to strengthen and straighten these retaining walls. We may also use TGI (Targeted Ground Injection) to stabilize seawalls. This method is clean and quick, with no mess and great repair. Using high-quality products and an experienced crew, we will have your seawall stabilized in no time.

Sinkhole Repair Miami, Florida

Sinkholes are a widespread problem in Florida. They are especially likely to occur after a heavy rain. Because Miami experiences such heavy rainfall during its wet season, residents should be very aware of the threat of sinkholes. If you notice signs like misaligned doors and windows, leaning walls or bowing floors, or cracks in your walls and floors, do not hesitate to contact us for sinkhole repair. The sooner we inspect the problem, the better chance we have of fixing it before your home is extremely damaged. We specialize in compaction grouting to firm up the loose soil that can cause sinkholes. Remember that even a small sinkhole can be a big problem for a homeowner or business owner.

With our professional products and services, we can solve just about any foundation problem, seawall problem, or sinkhole problem in Miami. Give us a call today!