Gainsville is a city located in Northern Florida. It is best known for being the home of the University of Florida. Residents of Gainesville enjoy a city with plenty to do in town and a lot of outdoor activities.

Like many areas in Florida, Gainsville relies on seawalls where the land and the water come together. When problems occur, you can call Foundation Professionals of Florida to repair your seawall.

The Purpose Of Seawalls In Gainesville, Florida

The primary purpose of a seawall is to put a physical barrier between the water and the land. When they are working properly, they keep the soil from eroding into the water. A seawall also protects the depth of the water at the wall, as well as protecting nearby foundations and land from flooding and damage.

Sinkhole Repair and Remediation

Common Signs Of Seawall Failure

When a seawall is damaged, the issue is often progressive. If you don’t have the problem fixed, it could get bad enough that the seawall fails. Recognizing the common signs of seawall failure allows you to have the problem fixed before it gets larger.

Cracks in the Wall

Any cracks in the wall should be watched carefully. Larger cracks or cracks that expand are common signs of seawall failure. Cracks in the seawall cap are also a problem that should be watched carefully.

Rust Stains

Rebar is used to increase the strength of concrete. It is embedded in the concrete but when the seawall is damaged, water can reach the rebar and it can rust. That is why rust stains are a common sign of seawall damage and failure.

Blocked Weep Holes

Weep holes allow water to drain from the soil and keep hydrostatic pressure from damaging the seawall. When the weep holes are blocked, it stops the water from draining.

Seawall Deterioration

Pressure from wet soil and the action of waves against the wall can cause damage to the seawall over time. Seawall deterioration can also occur due to incompetent soil, sinkholes, and storms.

Seawall injection

How To Repair A Damaged Seawall

DIY repairs on a seawall are nothing more than a cosmetic fix. That is why the first step in repairing a damaged seawall is to contact Foundation Professionals of Florida. We have a team of experts that will inspect the structure and come up with a plan to repair the seawall and any hidden damage.

Some common methods of seawall repair include helical anchors, deep grout injection, and structural crack repair.

Benefits of Seawall Repair In Gainesville, Florida

A damaged seawall is more than an unsightly problem, it can allow the soil to be eroded into the water and could lead to damage to nearby foundations. Repairing the seawall prevents these problems from occurring.

Foundation Professionals of Florida – Featured Services

Although we are known for repairing seawalls in the Gainesville area, that is only part of the story. We offer many services that help to keep your home and your property in top shape.

Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

We are well known for providing foundation repair services. Some of the repairs can be done with deep injections of grout, while others might require underpinning or helical wall anchors. We have a team of dedicated foundation professionals that can handle any problem.


Sinkhole Repair and Remediation

Sinkholes are a common problem in Florida and they can occur due to heavy rainfall, nearby construction, or drought. Deep grout injections can firm up the soil and prevent further sinkholes from forming. We can also fill existing sinkholes.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

We offer both interior and exterior basement waterproofing services. This can include installing drainage systems to prevent water from getting into the basement or putting a waterproof membrane on the wall.

Crawl space encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl spaces are problem areas in many homes. Some common issues include dry rot, mold, pest infestation, and higher energy bills. Our crawl space encapsulation service starts with repairing any damage. We then wrap the walls and floor with poly-sheeting and install a dehumidifier.

concrete slab

Slab Lifting and Leveling

Our slab lifting and leveling service can be used for loose or sinking concrete slabs. This can include driveways, patios, sidewalks, and garage floors. We can lift the slab using polyurethane foam injections below the slab that lift the slab as it expands.

stairstep cracks in block wall

Structural Crack Repair

Structural cracks are a common sign of foundation failure. They can also get worse as the foundation continues to shift. Those cracks allow water to seep into the basement or crawl space and can eventually lead to bigger problems, such as mold and higher energy bills. We can repair the problem behind the cracks forming and then inject the cracks with epoxy.

Why Choose Foundation Professionals of Florida As Your Seawall Repair Specialist?

You can count on Foundation Professionals of Florida to provide the seawall repair services you need. We have been working in Gainesville and elsewhere in the Southeast US doing foundation repair, waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, sinkhole remediation, and seawall repair. Call us today for more information and to schedule an inspection.