Ocala is a city in central Florida that has the distinction of being the Horse Capital of the World. Residents also have easy access to Silver Springs and the National Forest to the east, both of which offer many water sports activities.

Many people in Ocala also live on the water and they depend on their seawalls to protect their property from erosion and their homes and businesses from flooding and damage. If you are experiencing seawall problems, help is only a phone call away. Foundation Professionals of Florida is located in nearby Lake City.

The Purpose of Seawalls In Ocala, Florida

Living on the water comes with many benefits and a seawall helps to protect that lifestyle. It can keep your property from washing away into the water and protects your home or business from flooding. Seawalls also help to maintain the water level, which is beneficial for boaters and other recreational activities.

Sinkhole Repair and Remediation

Common Signs Of Seawall Failure

Seawall failure can happen quickly or it may occur over time. In either case, you are likely to see some signs of seawall failure before it happens. Watch for any of the following signs and, if you see them, don’t hesitate to call Foundation Professionals of Florida.

The most common signs of seawall failure are:

Damaged Concrete or Masonry

Any signs of damage to the concrete or masonry should be reported right away. This typically occurs from hydrostatic pressure, which can push on the wall from behind and eventually, cause it to fail.

Sloping or Leaning Seawall

Seawalls can lean due to hydrostatic pressure or soil erosion. In either case, it is an issue that needs to be addressed right away before further damage occurs.

Ground Settlement Behind the Seawall

Sinking ground behind the seawall is a sign that pockets are forming deep in the ground, typically from erosion. We can fix this issue by injecting polyurethane foam or another material into the voids to fill them.

Vegetation Growth from the Seawall

Have you ever seen a small plant or tree growing out of a crack in a concrete slab? Given time, it will cause even the smallest crack to expand. The same thing can happen when vegetation grows from the seawall.

Water Seepage

Water should escape through the weep holes to keep hydrostatic pressure from building up behind the seawall. Other forms of water seepage can have the opposite effect, leading to soil erosion and eventually, seawall collapse.

Seawall injection

How To Repair A Damaged Seawall?

It takes specialized equipment and a considerable amount of experience to properly repair a seawall that is in the process of failing. Most homeowners can handle it on their own but Foundation Professionals of Florida is here to help.

Here are a few options for seawall repair we can apply on your behalf:

Targeted Grout Injection

Targeted grout injection is a method of repairing cracks and voids in concrete structures, including seawalls. The process involves injecting a mixture of grout material into the cracks or voids to fill them and stabilize the structure.

Prime Resin Products

Injection grouting, epoxy injection, or polyurethane foam can be employed with prime resin products.

Seawall Underpinning

Seawall underpinning involves drilling through the seawall and installing helical piers to stabilize and move the seawall back into position. It can be used with other methods to further stabilize the seawall.

Seawall Drainage

Seawall drainage is an important aspect of seawall design and construction, as it allows water to escape the soil behind the seawall, reducing hydrostatic pressure.

Seawall Reinforcing

The purpose of reinforcing a seawall is to improve its stability and resistance to the forces of waves and storms and to extend its lifespan.

Benefits of Seawall Repair In Ocala, Florida

Foundation Professionals of Florida is well aware of the benefits of seawall repair and we want you to experience them as well. Listed below are the main benefits of seawall repair in Ocala, Florida:

Protection of property and infrastructure

A seawall protects waterside properties and infrastructure, such as roads, buildings, and bridges, from damage caused by storms and water intrusion.

Shoreline stabilization

A well-maintained seawall helps stabilize the shoreline and prevents erosion, which can cause land loss and damage to nearby structures.

Flood control

Seawalls can help prevent flooding in low-lying areas by controlling the flow of water and reducing the impact of waves and storms.

Enhancement of the coastal ecosystem

A properly repaired seawall can improve the health of the ecosystem by reducing the impact of human activities and promoting the growth of aquatic plants and animals.

Increase in property value

Repaired seawalls can increase the value of properties located along the water, making them more attractive to potential buyers.

Foundation Professionals of Florida – Featured Services

Although we can certainly care for any seawall repair needs, it is only one of the services we offer. Below is a list of related services that can help your home and property in numerous ways.

Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Foundation problems often show with signs, such as cracked walls and ceilings, sticking windows and doors, or an uneven floor. If you have issues that could be related to the foundation shifting, contact Foundation Professionals of Florida right away.

Crawl space encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation

An unprotected crawl space can be the source of damp air throughout the home, as well as insects, rodents, mold, and more. We wrap the walls and floor with poly sheeting, resulting in a clean dry area that is suitable for storage.


Sinkhole Repair and Remediation

Sinkholes can be catastrophic to your home and property but there are ways to deal with them. They typically form as the limestone under the soil erodes and washes away, leaving voids in the earth. We can deep-inject polyurethane foam and other materials to fill the voids and stabilize the ground.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

Nobody plans on having a damp, dingy basement but it happens all too often. We can apply various methods of basement waterproofing to turn that area of your home into a dry, comfortable space suitable for living.

concrete slab

Slab Lifting and Leveling

Slabs can be leveled and lifted by injecting structural polyurethane foam into the voids underneath your concrete slabs.

stairstep cracks in block wall

Structural Crack Repair

Cracks often appear in the foundation walls due to hydrostatic pressure in the soil pushing in against the walls. After addressing the base issue, we can fix the cracks with epoxy or polyurethane foam. The wall can be stabilized with carbon fiber stitching.

Why Choose Foundation Professionals of Florida as Your Seawall Repair Specialists?

There is no time to waste when you begin seeing problems with your seawall. The issue will not get better on its own. It will get worse. Foundation Professionals of Florida has been working on seawalls and foundations for decades. We have the knowledge and equipment to get the job done and are passionate about helping property owners. Call us today for an inspection and a free quote.