Cracked and Settled Pool Deck in FL

Polyurethane and Pool Deck FLA cracked and settled pool deck can really take away from the aesthetic appeal of a beautiful back yard. Pool deck settlement and cracking is normally a result of soil shifting below the deck. This can happen when the soil dries out and shrinks, when excess water causes erosion to wash the soil away, or when the pool deck settles due to improper soil compaction at the time of construction.

In this homeowner’s situation, rainwater runoff eroded and softened the soils underneath the deck, allowing for it to move. The homeowner wanted to repair the issue without the intrusiveness of completely replacing the pool deck. The team here at Foundation Professionals of Florida offers several slab lifting solutions that do not involve replacing the entire deck.

The Solution: Polyurethane Grout Injection to Lift Pool Deck

We were able to provide the solution to best fit his needs by utilizing polyurethane target grout injection. This process required the injection of polyurethane resin through 3/8″ injection ports to stabilize the subsurface soils and it allowed us to lift the pool deck back to level condition. Once injected, this polyurethane grout material expands underground to completely fill all spaces and cracks in the underground voids. This expansion compacts the soil around the void, providing further stability for the pool deck. The expansion of the polyurethane grout material also lifts the pool deck to re-level it and close cracks that might have formed.

One advantage of using this material for slab lifting projects like this one is that it is lightweight yet very durable, offering an effective and long-lasting repair. Another advantage is that the polyurethane foam hardens quickly, meaning the deck or slab can be used almost immediately after the repair is complete.

If you notice similar problems in your Florida pool deck – sinking, crack formation, settlement, etc. – call Foundation Professionals of Florida right away.