Sinkhole Opens Under a Home in Florida

cement grout injections for residential homes FLFor a Florida homeowner, wall cracks were the first sign that something was wrong. With further inspection, the homeowner began to notice the foundation and ceiling separating from the wall in one of the rooms. A geotechnical investigation was performed and they were informed that the settling was related to sinkhole activity under their home.

Sinkholes are a dangerous problem. If they open up underneath your home, they can engulf the structure or cause parts of the structure to collapse. They can also cause issues if they open up near your home. Sinkholes in your yard might cause water to pool near your foundation, wearing away at the concrete and causing leaks in your home. Sinkholes that occur partially under your foundation create voids under the foundation, causing the concrete to settle unevenly and resulting in issues like interior crack formation, sticking windows and doors, and gaps and spaces.

The Solution: Residential Cement Grout Injection

Foundation Professionals of Florida was referred by a friend in the neighborhood, who was a customer of ours. Foundation Professionals of Florida performed the work according to the cement grout injection plan written by the engineer who led the investigation. This cement grout filled in the entire sinkhole, leaving the above structure lifted and secured.  This form of sinkhole repair also helps stabilize soils so that future settlement is less likely to occur. Supervised by a monitor, the grouting activities left the home stabilized, leaving the homeowners satisfied and feeling like their home is back on solid ground.

After the work was completed, the home and landscape were left in almost the exact original condition. Our team offers complete solutions for sinkhole repair. If you notice depressions in your yard or signs of settlement in your home, contact the experts at Foundation Professionals of Florida.