Tropical Storm Sinkhole Formation in Live Oak, FL

Warren Street Sinkhole Repair in Live Oak FLIn late June 2012, Tropical Storm Debby blasted through Suwannee County, dropping over 20 inches of rain in less than 24 hours leaving hundreds homeless and displaced. A 160-foot sinkhole formed underneath two buildings situated at the corner of Pine Avenue and West Howard Street, impacting Warren Street that runs parallel to Howard Street.

Headlines read: “Ravaged downtown Live Oak now faces mammoth sinkhole through heart of town – Courthouse and businesses threatened.” This was one of 11 sinkholes at the time that the City of Live Oak was responsible for repairing. The buildings sitting above the sinkhole on Warren Street downtown were regrettably condemned. Even so, the sinkholes in the area still posed a threat to pedestrians and nearby businesses and needed to be filled.

The Solution – Sinkhole Repair and Filling

Following a geotechnical investigation, Foundation Professionals of Florida was awarded the Warren Street sinkhole repair project. The purpose of this remediation procedure was designed to improve soil support under the roadway by filling voids and densifying soils in the near surface and deep soils. Foundation Professionals of Florida was chosen for our superior sinkhole remediation process.

Our team utilized a grouting process to inject a polyurethane grout into the sinkhole. This grout expands to completely fill the sinkhole while also compacting the soil around the sinkhole. This not only fills in the sinkhole with a durable material but it also helps prevent further soil settlement by stabilizing the surrounding soils. This process was relatively quick to complete and offered long-lasting stability and protection for the area.

If you see a sinkhole in your yard, underneath your home, or nearby your Florida business, contact the team at Foundation Professionals of Florida as soon as possible. Whatever caused your sinkholes, we will do our best to fill them just like we filled those on Warren Street in Live Oak, FL.