Signs of Seawall Problems in Central Florida

Florida seawall problems and damageIn central Florida, seawall problems are a common occurrence. They can range from small cracks to major structural problems. Regardless of the cause, they often lead to a collapsing seawall. Without a stable seawall, a severe storm can easily cause destruction due to massive flooding. Water seeps through seawall cracks, eroding ground soil as it exits. This can lead to voids, settlement, land erosion and water intrusion in homes and businesses. If you notice a sinking or cracking seawall, we recommend seawall repair immediately. In most cases, waiting for repairs can lead to costly repairs and further damage.

Why spend thousands on rebuilding a new seawall when we can quickly restore your seawall? At Foundation Pros of Florida, we offer seawall repair to restore seawalls back to normal. Seawalls are designed to create a structural barrier between property and water. But when they start to erode, our experts can ensure that the seawall will remain intact and stable for many years to come.

Seawall Repair Solutions in Central Florida

seawall repair problems central floridaOne economical seawall repair solution is targeted grout injection. It involves injecting a polyurethane resin into a 3/8″ ID port to prevent water seepage and voids. Prime Flex 910 is used to strengthen and stabilize weak soils, prevent underground water flow, and seawall leaks. For wet soils and low water levels, we offer hydrophobic grout. These types of resins are used to fill holes and stabilize loose soils. Due to its low viscosity and ability to cure in wet conditions, hydrophobic grout retains its strength in all types of soil conditions.

Polyurethane resins offer many benefits, such as:

  • Creates a watertight barrier
  • Stabilizes loose soils
  • Stops underground water flows
  • Seals leaking seawalls
  • Used for years
  • No excavation is needed
  • Eliminates leaks and fills voids
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Less disruptive than conventional construction
  • No heavy equipment is needed
  • Quick installation process

At Foundation Pros of Florida, we use prime resins for seawall repair because they stop leaks, stabilize soils, and strength concrete surfaces. For more information about seawall problems or an estimate, contact our professionals today. We are highly rated on the BBB and provide top-notch service for residents in Central Florida.