Foundation Professionals of Florida, Inc. (FPI) is aware state authorities have ordered all non-essential businesses to close. The below bullet points were accumulated from the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) website, a division of US Department of Homeland Security.


Employees who repair and maintain vehicles, aircraft, rail equipment, marine vessels, bicycles, and the equipment and infrastructure that enables operation that encompass the movement of cargo and passengers.


Workers who support the operation, inspection, and maintenance of essential public works facilities and operations, including bridges, water and sewer main breaks, fleet maintenance personnel, construction of critical or strategic infrastructure, traffic signal maintenance, emergency location services for buried utilities, maintenance of digital systems infrastructure supporting public works operations, and other emergent issues.
· Workers such as plumbers, electricians, exterminators, builders, contractors, HVAC Technicians, landscapers, and other service providers who provide services that are necessary to maintain the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of residences, businesses and buildings such as hospitals, senior living facilities, any temporary construction required to support COVID-19 response.

*** Latest guidelines from CISA, a division of Homeland Security:

FPI’s primary function is infrastructure inspection, repair and remediation. We are exempt from closure and will operate Monday through Friday to continue providing essential services used in the maintenance and repair of infrastructure statewide including highways, bridges, water industry structures, sewer installations and dams. Our services are vital to the repair and maintenance of buildings that may house essential services like health care, food services and transportation.

Our employees are not mandated to work, but are dedicated to our work and continue at will. With modified procedures, we are able to continue our work safely.

Modifications include, but not limited to, maintaining 6-10 feet social distancing, wearing gloves, masks, suits, practicing proper hand washing and other personal safety actions necessary.

We are also set up to video chat with our customers and will work with them to collect pictures and videos when necessary.

We also offer great financing options with zero-interest for 12-months as well as other options suitable for your financial needs so you can repair your home foundation issues.

We will keep our facilities open and will continue to follow all CDC and other government guidelines regarding COVID-19 to make sure we are using precautionary measures to keep our employees and customers healthy and safe.