Beach Erosion in Florida

seawall professionals of floridaIf you have a beachfront or lakefront home, you know that erosion can cause some serious problems. Not only is erosion generally harmful to the environment, but it can also be personally harmful to you if you are one of the hundreds who own coastal property. Erosion eats away at the beach, constantly washing away sand from the shore, leaving coastlines smaller and smaller.

The reason this could affect you in a much more personal way than you may have considered is that it can cause damage to structures that are located near the coast. Water creeping in closer can cause voids in the ground to form, leaving open spaces below your structure and causing soil to become less stable. This then leads to cracks, shifting, settlement, and leaks. Not only that, but it can harm tourism as well. As beaches disappear, people might visit your coastal place of business less frequently.

Protect Your Florida Property from Beach Erosion

seawall installation and repairSeawall Construction

If you do not already have a seawall to keep your beach from eroding, invest in one right away. These structures are designed to prevent ocean waves from capturing the sand on your beach by providing a solid barrier. Seawall Professionals of Florida, a division of Foundation Professionals of Florida, builds high-quality vinyl seawalls to protect beachfront properties in Florida from erosion.

Seawall Repair

We also offer repair options for seawalls that have started to fail. Our team fixes cracks in seawalls to prevent leaks. We also offer grout injection to lift and stabilize settling seawalls, preventing water from seeping underneath. Our team can fix all of the seawall issues that you might have on your beachfront property. Contact us today to find the right seawall repair solution for you.

Seawall Professionals of Florida can fix your seawall or install a new seawall to prevent your coastal property from erosion. Call us today to learn more.