Why Florida Sinkholes Should be Repaired ASAP

Sinkhole Repair Options in Florida, Grouting and Underpinning for Sinkhole RepairSinkholes are a major issue for homeowners in Florida. If they open suddenly, they may swallow up your part of your home, your car, or your garage, and you may even be in danger of falling into them. This poses a serious risk to you and your family.

Not only are they a danger to you and your family, but sinkholes also lower the value of your home significantly. If a sinkhole opens beneath or around your foundation, it could cause serious structural damage to your home and may lead to foundation sinking or settlement. It is important to have sinkholes stabilized immediately and to repair any damage they may have caused as soon as possible.

Sinkhole remediation is a complicated procedure, and should not be attempted by anyone besides a professional. The sinkhole repair team at Foundation Professionals of Florida has the necessary expertise and equipment to make sure that your sinkhole issues vanish forever.

Which is the Best Florida Sinkhole Repair Method?

The location and extent of a sinkhole may have an impact on which repair solution is chosen for the job. The main sinkhole repair method in Florida is pressure grouting with either a cement grout solution or polyurethane grout solution. However, underpinning with foundation piers may also be used to stabilize foundations affected by sinkhole formation in some cases.

Normally, it is not a matter of which solution to choose – underpinning and grouting are commonly used together in many sinkhole repair situations. In most cases, the sinkhole will be filled in with some kind of pressure grouting technique. However, whether or not piers are needed to stabilize the foundation depends on the placement of the sinkhole and the damage that it caused to the foundation. So, if you see a sinkhole in your yard or driveway, grouting may be used alone to fill in the void and stabilize surrounding soil. However, if the sinkhole is underneath your foundation, you may also need underpinning services to lift the foundation before filling in the sinkhole.

The team at Foundation Professionals of Florida is skilled in both underpinning and grouting techniques and will be able to help you choose the right one. To learn more about the benefits of grouting or underpinning when it comes to sinkhole repair and stabilization in Florida, see the article linked below.

graphic showing push piers lifting a house foundation and an injection machine being used to fill a sinkhole reading: grouting vs. underpinning: which one is for you?