glosssary of industry terms FL, sinkhole repair fl

The experts at Foundation Professionals of Florida can help you with foundation repairs, sinkhole repair, soil stabilization, commercial foundation stabilization, and slab lifting. Below you will see and help you better understand some of the industry terms that we use.

Compaction Grouting – Soil Stabilization

Geotechnical Engineering – Below Ground Soil Studies

Helical Piers – Foundation Repair Underpinning Product

Helical Seawall Anchors – Seawall Repair

Helical Tieback Anchors – Straighten and Strengthen Basement and Retaining Walls

Liquid Resin – Used in Permeation Grouting

Low Mobility Grouting – Used for Specific Situations for Soil Stabilization

Permeation Grouting – Soil Stabilization

Polyurethane Foam – Used in Compaction Grouting

Sinkhole Remediation – Sinkhole Repair

Steel Push Piers – Foundation Repair Underpinning Product

Wall Anchors – Bowing and Leaning Wall Repair