Technically, no. The entire state of Florida is underlain with carbonate rocks, therefore, sinkholes could theoretically appear anywhere. However, some areas definitely have higher risk of sinkhole development than others. In general, areas of the state where limestone is close to the surface or areas with deeper limestone but with a conducive configuration of water table elevation, stratigraphy, and aquifer characteristics have increased sinkhole activity. The only way to ensure that you don’t purchase property that might be prone to sinkhole activity is to not buy property in a Karst region. Karst refers to land forms that develop due to the erosion of geologic materials near the surface. In most cases that material is limestone. It is always important to learn about the local geography in your region before buying property.

Buying a Florida Homeflorida sinkholes

Most homeowner insurance companies have access to a database with recorded sinkhole occurrences. Examining this database will give you information as to whether or not your area has had problems in the past. This isn’t a for sure answer to knowing the probability of sinkholes, but it should be a reasonable representation of the area. Sinkholes are inherently unpredictable, and it is important to know as much as you can on the subject so you can be prepared if they ever form on your property.

The Foundation Professionals of Florida website has a huge amount of information for you to read on the subject of sinkholes. Once you are educated in the causes and symptoms you will be able to find sinkholes before they become too serious. The foundation is the most essential part to any structure, it disperses the weight from your home onto the soil below. If sinkholes damage the foundation, your house may begin to settle or sink. Call Foundation Pros of Florida, we want to provide you with sinkhole repair services and give you peace of mind.