Sinkhole Symptoms in Winter Garden Home

Just over one week ago, a family living in west Orange County, FL noticed shifting in the floor of their home and decided to call 911. They then had to be evacuated from their home after firefighters inspected the damage and found the floor in the house sagging to and cracks in the walls. A bit of a sagging floor and a few small wall cracks may develop over time in both new and old homes. However, the cracks and the buckling floor happened so quickly that the situation called for some investigation – they could be signs of a possible sinkhole.

A building inspector and firefighters visited the Winter Garden home at the request of the homeowner, who noticed that the floor tiles had begun popping up and the floor became cracked and started to sag. After a bit of investigation, the inspector deemed the home unsafe. Firefighters also found cracks in the neighbor’s home, though it is still unknown if the two issues have a common cause.

Although nothing else can be known for sure until a structural report is completed and soil samples are taken by an engineer, the signs indicate a possible sinkhole has opened up under the home.

What to Do if You See Signs of a Possible Sinkhole

possible sinkhole winter garden, flAlthough no one wants to be evacuated from their own home, that is the best course of action when signs of a possible sinkhole start to arise. Sinkholes can be very dangerous, as they can cause your entire house to collapse or cave in. If you ever notice similar problems in your home – cracks in the floor or walls, sagging or shifting floors,

If you ever notice similar problems in your home – cracks in the floor or walls, sagging or shifting floors, separation between the walls and floor, etc., contact a professional right away. Foundation experts on our team here at Foundation Professionals of Florida are always willing to come out and inspect any suspicious damage in your home to determine if a sinkhole is the culprit. If the sinkhole is caught in time, our effective repair solutions can fill sinkholes and stabilize your home before total foundation failure. Call now to get a free inspection or learn more about our sinkhole remediation and foundation repair services!