Florida Beach Erosion

If you have a beachfront home on the shores of Florida, you are always worried about the beach erosion. Any loss of land can effect the enjoyment of your land and the value of it.  With the ever changing water levels, building a seawall is one of the best solutions to keep the land around house solid and in place. With the constant change in the water levels and water hitting the seawall, cracks and pits will appear. These kinds of repairs will need to be made so that the seawall doesn’t fail to do its job. Finding a solution for Florida beach erosion at the time you see it is very important. If you let the seawall go, the chances are you will have to replace part or all of the wall. If the soils underneath have been left open to the elements and have washed away you will need to give it attention right away.

Seawall Erosion Repair Florida

Foundation Professionals of Florida useFlorida Beach Erosion, Seawall Erosion Repair Florida Targeted Grout Injection(TGI) which is a polyurethane resin. The TGI is injected into a hole to stop any leaks and fill up the voids. The resin repels the moisture in the soil so it is able to expand and keep its strength within the wet soil. Another solution to build strength to your seawalls is to add helical piers as seawall anchors. Helical tiebacks provide strength to any new structure or repair of an older seawall to keep the wall solid. Using helical piers are a quick and effective solution to a leaning seawall. Many adjustments can take place right on site. They can be tension immediately. The length and strength can be done on the job. Another great thing about the helical seawall anchors is that they can installed at an angle to avoid swimming pools or other buildings on your property.

Taking care of your Florida beach erosion will keep the value of your home so you and your family will enjoy it for years to come. If your Florida seawall is showing signs of erosion and needs repair, give Foundation Professionals of Florida a call for an appointment to come and give you and estimate.