Foundation Repair Lake City, FloridaOur team in Lake City offers a variety of foundation repair and soil remediation services to fix various issues for local residents. Lake City, Florida is located in the northern part of the state, at the top of the region known infamously as “sinkhole alley.” This means that sinkhole formation and sinking foundations due to underground voids are common in this part of the state. Another common problem in Lake City is beach erosion. Aptly named, Lake City is home to many small lakes and ponds, as are many parts of Florida. These bodies of water are great spots for vacations homes or tourist businesses, but can the flow of water in lakes can wear away at the beach and yard around your structure, leading to water entry and structural issues. We have completed several commercial, government, and residential jobs for residents of the Lake City area.

We offer services in the counties of Columbia, Alachua, Gilchrist, Levy, Calhoun, Taylor, Dixie, Madison, and more in Northern Florida.

Services We Offer in Lake City, Florida

Sinkhole Repair Lake City, Florida

Although Lake City is only at moderate risk for sinkholes, these natural underground voids cause problems for home and business owners in many nearby parts of Florida. Fortunately, we offer sinkhole remediation with different grouting techniques based on your situation.

Foundation Repair Lake City, Florida

If you have a sinking or shifting foundation due to erosion, sinkhole activity, or soil movement, we can help. We install various types of steel piers to lift and level foundations, leaving your home or business properly stabilized.

Lake Wall Repair Lake City, Florida

If you do have property on a lake, it is important that you have a solid lake wall to prevent erosion from washing away your yard and jeopardizing your foundation. Call our team for lake wall repair solutions as soon as you see signs of failure.