Ormand Beach is a city on the East Coast of Florida, located just north of Daytona Beach. The area was known many years ago as the birthplace of speed, due to cars coming to the area with hard-packed beaches. People still enjoy driving on the sand at Ormand Beach today.

Although the Atlantic Ocean gets the majority of the attention from visitors, there are many more areas where water is available in the city. That is why so many businesses and homes rely on seawalls, and when those seawalls fail, they call on Foundation Professionals of Florida.

The Purpose of Seawalls In Ormond Beach, Florida

Seawalls serve multiple purposes in Ormand Beach, depending on their location. When they are located on the coast, they protect the beach from erosion and flooding, even during a storm. On a river or lake, they protect the shoreline from erosion and the property from flooding. They also maintain the depth of water in some cases.

Sinkhole Repair and Remediation

Common Signs Of Seawall Failure

It is important to maintain the seawall on your property. Doing so helps you to avoid having a small issue turn into a catastrophic seawall failure. That is why it is important to know the signs of seawall failure, as early detection is key to avoiding bigger problems.

The most common signs indicating seawall failure are:

Leaning or Tilting

Pressure is constantly hitting the seawall from both sides. If the pressure pushes on the wall, as is the case with hydrostatic pressure, it can force the wall into the water. A leaning seawall is only a step away from a fallen seawall.

Sunken Soil

Pressure imbalance can lead to soil erosion, which leaves voids in the soil. Small indentations or larger sunken areas are a sign of that problem and it needs to be corrected.

Crumbling and Cracking

Cracking and crumbling concrete is often a sign of clogged weep holes or from hydrostatic pressure forcing the seawall to move. If you see cracks forming or areas where the concrete is crumbling, contact Foundation Professionals of Florida right away.

Debris Buildup

This issue could result in direct damage to the seawall or it could block the weep holes, allowing pressure to build as the soil gets waterlogged.

Seawall Cap Cracking

The seawall cap runs along the top of the wall and is typically made of reinforced concrete. When it starts cracking, it is an indication that problems are occurring with the wall underneath it.

Seawall injection

How To Repair A Damaged Seawall?

Most homeowners are not equipped to take on the task of seawall repair. Even small repairs can be problematic if they are not handled properly. Call Foundation Professionals of Florida to tackle the job, as we have decades of experience and the equipment to handle any seawall repair.

Here are a few techniques that we may use to repair a seawall:

Targeted Grout Injection

Targeted grout injection is used to repair concrete structures with cracks or voids that are settling, sinking, or showing signs of structural damage. By filling cracks, targeted grout injection can prevent further damage and extend the life of the concrete structure.

Prime Resin Products

Prime resin products are a great option for concrete repair, construction, and deep injection for filling voids behind the seawall.

Seawall Underpinning

Seawall underpinning is done to strengthen and stabilize your existing seawall. Helical piles are installed using limited excavation and they anchor the wall through a hole. They work in a similar way to helical piles that can straighten a bowed foundation wall.

Seawall Drainage

Seawall drainage reduces hydrostatic pressure and prevents water from entering the seawall and causing erosion or destabilization. It also allows the water to drain without losing any of the precious soil.

Seawall Reinforcing

Seawall reinforcing is done using techniques such as steel rods, fiber-reinforced polymers, or geosynthetic materials.

Benefits of Seawall Repair In Ormond Beach, Florida

You can experience the benefits of seawall repair for yourself. Some benefits are easily seen because they happen immediately. Others just work day by day and allow your seawall to last for many years.

Listed below are the main benefits of seawall repair in Ormond Beach, Florida:

Protecting your home

A seawall helps to protect property and infrastructure from erosion, storm surges, and flooding caused by high water levels. Repairing a seawall helps to ensure that these assets are protected from damage.

Improving stability

Repairs can help to improve the stability and strength of the seawall, making it better able to withstand the forces of wind and waves.

Maintaining property value

By repairing the seawall, you can maintain the value of your property and prevent it from dropping due to the effects of erosion and flooding.

Reducing the risk of damage

Early identification and repair of seawall damage can help to prevent more extensive damage from occurring in the future, which can be more expensive to repair.

Preventing mishaps and damage

Repairing a seawall helps to reduce the risk of damage or injury to people and property, as well as the risk of environmental damage caused by erosion and flooding.

Foundation Professionals of Florida – Featured Services

Many home and property owners use the seawall repair service offered by Foundation Professionals of Florida but that is only one of the services we offer. You might find some of our other services to be beneficial for you and your home. Here are a few of our featured services:

Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

Foundation failure is a serious issue that can threaten your home and make it uninhabitable. When you see signs of foundation problems, such as uneven floors, popped drywall nails, cracked ceilings and walls, or a leaning chimney, call us right away.

Crawl space encapsulation

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Unencapsulated crawl spaces are musty, humid, and pest-infested. This can have an impact on your health and comfort as the air exchanges with the crawl space frequently. We offer crawl space encapsulation, which provides you with a clean, dry, crawl space.


Sinkhole Repair and Remediation

Sinkholes can be repaired in several ways, depending on the size and location of the sinkhole and the type of soil or rock that has collapsed.

Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is the process of preventing water from entering a basement or crawl space and causing damage to the structure and contents. A dry basement is a livable basement.

concrete slab

Slab Lifting and Leveling

Slab lifting, also known as concrete lifting or slab jacking, is the process of raising sunken or uneven concrete slabs to their original level. We use polyurethane foam, injected through small holes drilled into the concrete. The foam expands and lifts the concrete before hardening.

stairstep cracks in block wall

Structural Crack Repair

Cracks are more than an unsightly nuisance. They can weaken the foundation and allow pests and water to get into the home. We can fix cracks using epoxy or polyurethane foam injections. Walls that have cracked may also need to be reinforced with carbon fiber stitching.

Why Choose Foundation Professionals of Florida as Your Seawall Repair Specialist?

Your seawall is essential to your lifestyle, comfort, and safety. Don’t trust the repair to someone that may not have the expertise to handle the problem.

You can trust Foundation Professionals of Florida to get the job done. We have helped hundreds of homeowners and businesses with some of the worst problems imaginable. We can help you too. Call us today to get started.