Subsidence Incident Reports

A subsidence Incident report is an account of a homeowner who reported having a sinkhole on their property. Not all of the reports will have been examined by contractors, so they might not technically be sinkholes this why they are called incident reports.  You can find this information in the Subsidence Incident Reports section located on the FGS website.  They have a spread sheet ready for download on their site. The data is arranged by county, once you find yours you should be able to see a list of incidents.   It is here that you will have the best chance of finding the street locations. There are over 2000 reported incidents in the database.

If you notice a sinkhole on your property you will want to contact local law enforcement. They will cordon off the area and make sure that anyone passing by  is safe. You can then contact your insurance and report the incident to the FGS.   Sinkholes can have a severe effect on the condition of your foundation and your home.   Foundation Pro’s of Florida has the products and techniques to restore the integrity of your foundation and guarantee the safety of you and your family for years to come.

We use only the best products in the industry for our customers.  All of our foundation repair tools are provided by Earth Contact Products. The helical and steel piers they manufacturer are specifically designed to provide support to your home for many years to come. Sinkholes are scary and intimidating for every homeowner.  Foundation Pro’s of Florida wants to provide you with the services that will bring you peace of mind. You can rely on us to keep you and your family safe and comfortable.