What are the Hazards of Sinkholes?

Florida Sinkhole Hazards

Sinkholes are a common problem for people throughout the United States, but are especially prevalent in the state of Florida. These phenomenon present great hazards for those who live in Florida. Here is an overview of how sinkholes form and the problems that are caused by their formation:

  • Sinkhole HazardsHeavy downpours of rain can trigger sinkhole activity in a drought situation.
  • Sinkholes are dangerous and are hazards and have closed roads, swallowed buildings, and caused structural damage.
  • Every year millions of money is spent on sinkhole repair. This money comes from residential, local government, and insurance companies.

If a sinkhole forms under your home or in your yard nearby your foundation, it can cause the entire home to become unstable. This instability leads to many different kinds of foundation issues. Some of the foundation and home issues that are caused by sinkhole formation include:

These are some of the hazards that sinkholes can create in your home if they form under your home or in the yard near your foundation. Sinkholes can also cause much bigger issues, however. If a large enough sinkhole forms under your home, it can cause the part or all of the home to collapse into the sinkhole. In many cases, these large sinkholes develop suddenly and the homeowner does not have enough time to look for warning signs and take prevention steps.

Why Sinkholes are Dangerous for Florida Residents

Sinkhole Problems FLWhy are sinkholes such a dangerous problem in Florida? It is important to understand how sinkholes form in order to answer this question.

Geological Background:

  • A sinkhole is a geological formation made up of limestone.
  • Underlying bedrock can create depressions in the surface of the earth known as sinkholes.
  • Acidic rain can go through soil and continue downward reaching the limestone bedrock causing a reaction.

Because sinkholes under a home, road, or other structure compromise the support of the soil that the structure rests on, they can cause serious damage. Even relatively small sinkholes under your home can cause the entire foundation to become unstable. This is why sinkholes are such a hazard for Florida homeowners.

Fortunately, the expert sinkhole remediation team at Foundation Professionals of Florida can provide you with the necessary sinkhole repair services to fix sinkhole hazards.

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