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Why Are Sinkholes Prominent in Florida?

Over thousands of years, sinkholes form as a part of the slow, natural process of erosion in Florida's limestone terrain. They generally occur where the limestone is within a few hundred feet of the land's surface. How do they form? Slightly acidic rainfall falls in Florida and then makes its way into the soil where it absorbs carbon dioxide and moves through decaying plants. This makes the water more acidic. Limestone is very porous, so as the acidic water makes its way through the ground, it travels through the limestone, slowly eroding it. Over time, large cavities are formed in the limestone, and the ground above collapses into those cavities, thus forming a sinkhole. Sinkholes can be caused by man, too. This can occur because of over withdrawal of groundwater, putting large amounts of surface water into a single point, creating artificial ponds with surface water, and drilling new wells.

Sinkholes in Jacksonville, FloridaSinkholes are particularly common in the following Florida cities that we service:

  • Clearwater
  • Tampa
  • Spring Hill
  • St. Petersburg
  • Lakeland
  • Largo
  • Leesburg
  • Orlando
  • Ocala
  • Brandon

While you cannot stop natural sinkholes from occurring, there are signs that one may be forming. Foundation Professionals of Florida are your sinkhole in Florida causes, repair, solutions experts.

Sinkhole Signs in Florida

Sinkholes can be dangerous and have been known to be fatal. Since sinkhole activity actually refers to the process of water dissolving limestone deep in the ground, it isn't something that you can easily see with the naked eye. Geologists and engineers use many different facts and signs in determining whether they think sinkhole activity is affecting your home or structure. Some of the signs and symptoms of sinkhole activity are:

  • Ceiling or Wall Cracks - Every home impacted by sinkhole activity shows cracking. The cracks will be in the walls, floors, or ceiling either on the interior or exterior of the home.
  • Sloping Floors - Sinkhole activity causes one part of your home to sink or drop slightly lower than the other part.
  • Floor Cracks - Floor tiles are often the first part of a home to show sinkhole activity. Tiles that become loose or pop up can be a sign of sinkhole activity.
  • Interior Wall Separation - If interior walls have separated from ceiling or cracks are running along the seams, these are signs of sinkhole activity.
  • Window and Door Frame Cracks - Cracks that form in the corner areas of doors or window frames indicate that this area is structurally weak.
  • Nail Popping - If drywall nails are popping out or pushing through, it could be a sign of sinkhole activity.
  • Sticking Doors and Windows - If doors or windows stick or get stuck, this can be due to weak parts of a wall and show signs of stress and cracking.
  • Water and Power Bills - Sinkhole activity can cause a structure to shift. Even a slight shift to the foundation can cause a home to lose some of its energy efficiency.
  • Ground Surface - If you notice sloping, holes, depressions, dead spots, or very soft soil in the ground surface, it could be a sign of sinkhole activity
  • Leaning Fence - If you notice that your fence is leaning or dipping, it could be sinkhole activity.
  • Driveway Cracks - Normal driveways will often be level or slightly sloped towards the street. If there is a dramatic slope or has patches or holes in it, this may indicate sinkhole activity.

Homes and structures impacted by sinkhole activity may show some or all of these signs. If you notice any of these signs, call the professionals at Foundation Professionals of Florida. We will help determine if your home is safe from the dangers of a sinkhole.

We can also help if your home has already been damaged by a sinkhole. We will inspect your home to see if we can salvage it or if it is safe to live there. If you have any problems with a sinkhole, we are here to help. Simply give us a call. We are your Sinkhole Alley Florida service provider.

Sinkhole Solutions for Florida Homes

Sinkhole repair in FloridaIs there a sinkhole threatening your property? Definitely don't panic. Call Foundation Professionals of Florida to speak with a sinkhole Florida expert. We can provide you with an estimate so you will know ahead of time what your project will entail. We can come to your property and see if you meet any of the criteria for a sinkhole, and what type of sinkhole you might be dealing with. We can then use our cement grouting solutions to provide the right fix for your sinkhole Florida repair needs. Each sinkhole is different, and requires special attention to make sure it is fixed correctly the first time. We will make that extra effort to pay attention to the details and fix your specific situation.

As a leader in the geotechnical industry, soils engineering is a principal specialty of Foundation Professionals of Florida and is a key factor for our vast expertise for over 30 years. Our approach to solving subsurface related concerns, such as weak soils and sinkholes, stems from our knowledge of the engineering properties and geology of each subject site. We make it our priority to make your concerns our number one concern. Florida has very specific conditions that cause sinkholes commonly. We want to save you from having big sinkhole problems in your future. If you notice the signs, such as cracks in your ceiling, walls, or floor, or soft soil and dead spots in your yard, don't wait for that sinkhole to happen. Trust the Florida sinkhole professionals at Foundation Professionals of Florida for your sinkhole in Florida causes, repair and solutions. Call us today!

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