Erosion control FloridaAfter a geotechnical investigation of this home, the homeowner contacted Foundation Professionals of Florida for the remediation plan of stabilizing the foundation by installing piers. One of the contributing factors of continued settlement and erosion was rainwater.

Erosion is a problem that affects many Florida homeowners, in part due to the prevalence of sandy soils and the frequent storms that hit the state. When the soil around and under your foundation is washed away by erosion, it can form voids under the concrete that lead to problems like settlement and sinking. Fortunately, these homeowners contacted our team to complete the necessary repairs to ensure their home was properly stabilized.

The Solution: Underpinning, Surface Drainage, Retaining Wall

To stabilize the foundation, we installed steel piers. These piers anchor into stable soils deep underneath the sandy layers of soil to provide adequate support for the foundation and the above home. Once installed, the piers are lifted hydraulically to re-level the foundation and prevent structural issues from occurring in the home.

For erosion control, we installed a complete gutter and drainage system. This surface drainage system collected water and helped divert the water away from the foundation to prevent concrete damage and water seepage. We also constructed a concrete retaining wall on the east side of the house covered with brick veneer on the top and outside face. The area was backfilled and sod was planted to create a uniform (proportionate) yard.

Combining these repair solutions allowed us to give the homeowners peace of mind that not only was their foundation fixed, but the underlying problem was addressed as well. If you notice settlement or other signs of soil erosion near your home, contact the experts at Foundation Professionals of Florida for a complete solution as soon as possible.