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Winter Foundation Issues and Concerns in Florida

Even though Florida sees some of the mildest winters in the US, there are several common winter occurrences that can cause foundation problems in your home. Generally, Florida experiences drier weather in the wintertime. This, combined with the chance for [...]

The Necessity of Seawalls in SE Florida

Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of concern in Floridians of the rising sea level. The large population in the area and the low elevation of Southeast Florida make it especially prone to the effects [...]

The Sinkhole Remediation Process

Sinkholes are a scary problem for any home or business owner. Because they are so common in Florida, it is important that you know who to call when you discover one on your property. When it comes to sinkholes, we [...]

Ceiling & Wall Cracks

WALL CRACKS & CEILING CRACKS Do you have wall or ceiling cracks in your home or business? Cracks in these interior areas of your structure are never a good sign. Many cracks in the walls and ceilings of Florida structures [...]

Concrete Slab Cracks

SLAB CRACKS & CONCRETE CRACKS Because of the soil conditions in Florida, most slabs experience normal sinking and settling. This settling, however, can cause problems such as slab cracks. These cracks form when the soil beneath your slab shifts, causing [...]