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Project: Cement Pressure Grout – Alachua County

Underground Voids Problems in Interstate 75 Last month, one of the big jobs we did was a road repair job in Alachua County, FL. The purpose of this job was to fill underground voids that were causing problems in the interstate itself. We used pressure grouting to stabilize and repair the road. We see this kind […]

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The Necessity of Seawalls in SE Florida

Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of concern in Floridians of the rising sea level. The large population in the area and the low elevation of Southeast Florida make it especially prone to the effects of a rising sea level. In February of this year, Fort Lauderdale raised the required […]

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How Drought in Florida Affects Your Foundation

We all know that drought can cause serious problems for field crops, produce crops, lawns, and gardens. But drought conditions like those currently occurring in Central Florida cause more than brown lawns, wilted gardens, and sparse yields. They can also cause issues with the foundation of your home or business. During droughts and extended dry […]

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Southern Florida Repair- Sinkholes, Seawalls, Waterproofing

Foundation Pros of Florida in Southern Florida Foundation Professionals of Florida is proud to provide foundation repair, seawall repair, sinkhole remediation, and waterproofing services throughout all Florida. Our service area spans the whole state, including southern Florida. Our team can assist homeowners with all sorts of structural and foundation problems all the way from Vero Beach […]

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PROJECT: BBB Building Repair – West Palm Beach, FL

Repairing Structural Problems in the BBB Building Foundation Professionals of Florida recently had the pleasure of stabilizing the BBB (Better Business Bureau) building in West Palm Beach, Florida. There were several problems evident to the repair team that worked on the BBB Building. In the interior of the building, ceiling tiles were buckling, door frames […]

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Asphalt Pavement Collapse in Lake City, FL

Common Problem: Asphalt Pavement Collapsing Another common problem that we see  is asphalt pavement collapsing. In this case it was due to a broken pipe below the parking lot of local dentist office in Foundation Professionals of Florida’s hometown of Lake City Florida. This can occur because the ground beneath the asphalt contains highly soluble soil which […]

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PROJECT: Jax Port Authority Bridgework

Problem: Unstable Jax Port Authority Bridges Foundation Professionals of Florida had the pleasure of working with the Jax Port Authority ( on a bridge project. The Jax Port Authority is located in Northeast Florida and is a hub for the South Atlantic cruise and shipping industries. The port owns and maintains three cargo terminals and a cruise […]

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