Florida Underpinning Solutions – What are my Options?

Due to the large amount of limestone in the Florida soil, and the constantly changing weather that seems to include a lot of rain, moisture, and humidity, Floridians often deal with foundation problems. From wall cracks to bowing and leaning walls, we at Foundation Pros have slew of options for you and we can help find the right solutions for your problem.  Check out there Florida underpinning solutions:

  • Steel push piers are probably the most common solution used in foundation repair today. You might also hear them called micro piles, push piers, or resistance piers. There are two parts to the steel pier setup: The concentric pier, which installs directly below the footing or load, and the eccentric pier, which installs to the side of the intended load.
  • Foundation Helical Piers are another of the many Florida underpinning solutions. These are easy to install so they are a popular choice for installers and homeowners alike. They are used with a helical bracket. They install below the active soil in the ground and another great point is there will be very little disturbance to your yard during the installation process.
  • For stabilize cracking and bowed foundation walls, the first choice will always be foundation wall anchors. They are specifically designed for this purpose. They are installed to provide extra support right and will also pull that bowing wall back into it’s original position.
  • Helical tieback anchors can be used for support for a multitude of problems with seawalls, basement walls, retaining walls, shoring, temporary wall support, and tilt up construction. They are designed to strengthen weak walls, providing additional support.

These terms may seem intimidating. Don’t let that stop you from learning more. These tools are all in the Foundation Professionals arsenal for Florida underpinning solutions. We use products from ECP. From them you can expect the best. It is what they are known for. So by teaming up their products with our service team, you can be sure that we can find a solution that fits the specific needs of your home.