Causes of House Foundation Problems Florida

Owning a home is a big investment, and we understand that you want your home to maintain the highest value possible. We are here to help you with something that would greatly threaten your home’s value: foundation problems. There are many causes, signs, and solutions for foundation problems. If you keep your eyes peeled, and tackle any problems you find right away, house foundation problems Florida won’t be able to threaten your home at all.

House Foundation Problems Florida, House Foundation Problems FLThere are many causes, both natural and man-made, of house foundation problems Florida. Evaporation can cause settlement. As soils transition from hot to cold, they may weaken and pull away from your home’s foundation, allowing it to sink. Tree roots pull water from the soils around your home. This can cause soil shrinkage and again, cause settlement. Poor soil, organic components, debris, and the like, may cause consolidation, which can cause foundation failures. If your home’s building site was not prepared properly, it could lead to problems. If any soil is moved prior to building, it must be fully compacted. Otherwise, settlement can occur. Plumbing leaks and improper drainage can cause moisture buildup. If the soils around your home are excessively saturated, they can expand and put hydrostatic pressure on your foundation, causing cracks. While all of these potential causes of foundation problems are different, there are some main signs to look for.

Signs of House Foundation Problems FL

On the inside of your home, look for cracks in drywall, concrete floors and ceilings, sticking or misaligned windows and doors, and sloped floors. Outside, keep your eyes peeled for gaps around doors and windows, cracks in foundation, failed waterproofing, leaning chimneys, soil separation around your foundation, and water pooling around your home. In your garage, you may see sloping floors, walls rotating outward, or separation cracks between the floor and walls. If you have a basement, look for bowed walls, water leaking, cracked floors or walls, and water stains on your floors and walls.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs, give us a call. We will use our professional services to help repair and prevent further problems.