The Role of a Structural Engineer in Florida

structural engineer for foundation repair FloridaIf you have structural problems in your home, then you probably asked yourself “Why do I need a structural engineer?” At Foundation Pros of Florida, we use structural engineers for our projects because they know how to make a building safe and determine the building’s integrity. They are a part of the developing stages of projects from the beginning to the end. They are responsible for implementing designs, comprehensive planning, inspections, evaluations, and construction administration services.

A good structural engineer will ensure the stability of home, so it can withstand gravity and any force of nature. Repairing failing foundations and structural damage are some of the projects that call for a structural engineer’s skills and expertise. Their roles are placed into two categories: buildings and non-building structures.

Structural Engineers for Buildings

For structural engineers who focus on buildings, they ensure buildings meet building codes for structural safety. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Inspect foundations, infrastructures, insulation and building plans
  • Makes sure the building meets drawing plans 
  • Inspects stages of project completion
  • Ensures site inspections are accurate and complete
  • Official approval is required before the next project phase starts

Structural Engineers for Non-Buildings

licensed structural engineer floridaNon-building structural engineers are responsible for product designs and safety inspections.

  • Works closely with project managers from the beginning to the end of the project
  • Equipment, machinery and vehicles that are used to carry a load are inspected 
  • Checks safety tolerance and structural weak points
  • Preform safety inspections for new designs 
  • Preform field tests of the load capacity of the unit
  • Calculate and estimate the pressure and stress that the structure may face caused by a variety of disasters 
  • Helps select materials to ensure quality products and effective results
  • Evaluates schematics
  • Determines if buildings are safe for occupancy
  • Offers recommendations to assure the building will hold up during temperature variations, cracking and moisture buildup

Benefits of Structural Engineers

  • Ensures structural integrity
  • Reduce costs in materials and labor
  • Provide innovative solutions and excellent problem-solving skills
  • Determines if structures are functional
  • Makes sure structures are safe to bear any type of climatic condition
  • Licensed, trained engineers
  • Assess structural damage in case you’re buying or selling a home
  • Determines where the weight of the home’s structure is located
  • Ensures the safety of the public

Structural engineers supervise and inspect many structures, including buildings and homes. Before you contact a foundation repair company, hire a structural engineer to assess your damage. They’ll recommend the best cost effective repair solution, so you can save time and money. They’ll look for foundation problems caused by soil-related issues. Contact Foundation Professionals of Florida, we are your qualified structural repair Florida team.