Sinkhole Insurance Issues in Florida

No one wants to be denied homeowners insurance for any reason. However, situations sometimes lead to insurance companies finding reasons to do just that. Often, a sinkhole in close proximity to your property can be such a reason that insurance companies will argue. Sinkholes are a dangerous issue that can cause serious problems, so it is understandable that insurance providers would be concerned with them forming and growing nearby. This is an especially common situation and problem in sinkhole-prone states, such as Florida. Although it is frustrating for many homeowners, insurance companies do have the right to deny insurance policies due to sinkholes found within the “area.” Because the definition of the term “area: is subjective, this issue can only be resolved by specific legislation, or the general adoption of a standard by the insurance company.

Sometimes, companies may make use of private sinkhole data to assign relative sinkhole risks. Other companies have more liberal policies, if you are dealing with this issue yourself, you may benefit from shopping around to find out what other insurance is available. No two insurance companies are the same, and it may be possible to find one that is more lenient when it comes to issues with sinkholes.

No matter what type of insurance you have, sinkholes are a dangerous issue and should not be taken lightly. If there is a sinkhole that has developed near your property, there is a possibility of one forming under or around your home. Educate yourself about sinkholes and find a foundation repair company that specializes in sinkhole repair so that you have someone to call if the occasion does arise. Foundation Professionals of Florida can provide you with quality sinkhole repair options to restore your home to its original health. Contact us today for all of your sinkhole repair needs.