Sinkhole Repair Florida

Today we are going to talk about sinkhole repair in Florida. In Florida it’s not uncommon to have a sinkhole appear in your backyard. We are going to go over what causes them and how to ensure that your family stays safe. Sinkholes are a hazard and should be repaired by professionals.

What Causes Sinkholes?

Sinkhole Repair Florida, Sinkhole Repair Florida Contractor, Void Filling ServicesSinkholes are a natural depression or hole in the Earth’s surface. They are usually caused by ground water that in turn erodes bedrock beneath the earth’s surface. Sinkholes can vary in size from 3 feet to 600 feet in diameter and depth. They can happen gradually or without warning sinking your homestead whole.

Sinkholes may capture surface drainage from running or standing water. They may also form in high and dry places in a certain location. That surface water will begin to erode bedrock, like limestone.They often times develop where there is limestone or any rock that can be dissolved by ground water.

Sinkholes also may form due to a main water leak or if your towns sewer collapses.They can also form when natural water-drainage patterns are changed and new water-diversion systems are developed. Sinkhole repair is then needed.

What to do when You Need Sinkhole Repair

First thing you should do is call your insurance agent. Calling them to look at your property is  a good idea to determine if there is a need for further investigation. Next, call for professional sinkhole repair Florida services, like the team here at Foundation Professionals of Florida. We will assess the damage and get to work as soon as the sinkhole has been tested. If necessary, rope off the area.

By all means be careful. Make sure your family members stay away from the sinkhole until it gets repaired. Professional help is the only way to fix your sinkhole right and get you back to your normal life. If you would like further information please call us.