Florida Sinkhole Signs

Signs of a sinkhole Florida can be as subtle as doors and windows sticking or cracks in the foundation. The difference from foundation settlement and sinkhole signs is a sinkhole will have a circular pattern to the ground cracks in the foundation. You may notice plants starting to die because they are not getting enough water due to low water table. Other signs are leaning fence posts or trees, cracks in walls, floors and pavement. Also, muddy well water.

Florida sinkholes have been in the news a lot lately and have become one of Florida’s natural phenomena. More sinkholes occur in Florida than any other state. Some of Florida’s existing lakes started as sinkholes. Empty underground holes and gaps are formed when acid in rainwater dissolves the underground limestone.

Events that can trigger sinkholes include, but are not limited to:

Drought, followed by heavy rain, tropical storms, animal borrowing or digging, heavy  pumping of groundwater, well or investigative drilling, excavation of protective or weight- bearing sediments, blasting.

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Sinkhole Florida

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