Over the past couple of years, there has been a lot of concern in Floridians of the rising sea level. The large population in the area and the low elevation of Southeast Florida make it especially prone to the effects of a rising sea level. In February of this year, Fort Lauderdale raised the required height for seawalls, indicating that higher waters are a concern for those who live on the coast. With concerns about the rising sea level increasing in Southeast Florida, seawalls have become even more important. Even without concerns of a rising sea level, beach erosion is a major problem in Florida, one that can be relieved by the installation and proper maintenance of seawalls.

Why are Seawalls Important?

If you live on the coast, a seawall is a vital structure to protect your property from being washed away by ocean waves. When waves break on the ocean and pull back into the sea, they carry some of the sand from the coast along with them. This eventually wears down the beach and causes the shoreline to recede. This process is known as beach erosion or coastal erosion.

The Necessity of Seawalls in SE FloridaOne of the most effective ways to prevent coastal erosion is to have a seawall installed along the coast. Seawalls are structures that are designed to lessen the impact of erosion. These walls can be made of a variety of materials (many are made of concrete) and run parallel to the shore, preventing waves from breaking on the sand and sweeping the beach away.

Without seawalls, any property built near the shore is at risk of experiencing the effects of coastal erosion. As erosion washes away the beach near your coastal property, it can cause the land under and around the building to shift, leading to foundation settlement or movement and serious structural issues. When the ground under the building can no longer support it, the building will settle unevenly, causing cracks and gaps to form and often leading to problems such as bowing walls or sloped floors. Water leakage is also a problem that often accompanies erosion since the formation of cracks in the foundations and voids in the ground allow water to collect near the home and seep through cracks in the foundation. Severe erosion can also cause the ground under the home to be washed away completely, leaving the home vulnerable to total collapse.  This is a major concern in Southeast Florida because the coast is so heavily populated.

What are Some Problems with Seawalls?

seawall repair ft lauderdaleThe problem with seawalls is that, over time, they break down and develop problems that prevent them from doing their job effectively. If voids form in the ground around or underneath the seawall, it may start to settle unevenly, much like foundations do when soil movement occurs. This can cause the seawall to lean or bow, and even crack. At times, these gaps and spaces around the seawall will allow water to get behind the seawall, rendering it ineffective.

If your seawall appears to have settled or if it shows cracks or signs of aging and deteriorating, you need to contact a seawall repair professional right away. If the seawall has structural problems, it is not protecting your home or business.

How are Seawalls Repaired?

prime resin grout injection miamiFortunately, seawalls in the Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Southeast Florida areas can be repaired by our expert team of seawall repair professionals. We will examine your seawall and determine the best solution for the job. Our preferred method of seawall repair is called targeted grout injection, or TGI. The TGI solution involves injecting a polyurethane resin under the seawall to fill in voids, lift and level the structure, and prevent leaks.

This is an effective solution because the grout solution reacts with moisture in the soil to form a hard, water-tight mass that prevents issues from causing further damage to your seawall.

Our solution is relatively quick and non-invasive, as there is no digging or excavation involved. We also offer different types of resin for different situations. For example, if your seawall sits below the water level, we will use a hydrophobic grout that offers leak repair and is able to cure in wet conditions without diluting. This material will retain its size, strength, and impermeable qualities despite various soil conditions and soil moisture levels.

Why Choose Foundation Professionals of Florida?

We are a local, trusted company when it comes to seawall repair. Our Florida licensed team is dedicated to coming up with an effective solution to fit your needs and your budget. We even have a location in Pompano Beach Florida that is able to serve the Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and Hollywood, FL areas. Contact us today to request a free estimate and see how we can repair the seawall on your residential or commercial property.