What are Sinkholes?

A sinkhole is a natural depression or hole in the ground that is caused by the collapse of the surface layer. Sinkholes vary in size and may form gradually or suddenly. The sinkholes that form in Florida are usually caused by karst processes, which are the chemical dissolution of carbonate rocks such as sandstone and limestone. Since Florida’s soil is mostly made up of limestone, it has recorded the most sinkholes among all the other states.

This natural process of a sinkhole formation may be caused by surface drainage from running or standing water, but can also form in dry locations. Conditions such as lack of rainfall, lowered water levels, or excessive rainfall in a short period of time can all be linked to sinkhole development. The limestone in Florida is thousands of feet thick. When it was originally deposited, it was laid down in layers. These layers all have a slightly different chemical composition along with different hardness and thickness. With the earth’s constant motion, the limestone cracks and breaks, then the weak layers slowly dissolve.

Determining Signs of a Sinkhole in Your FL Home

Sinkholes look much like the name sounds – large sunken areas of earth. Once the sinkhole forms underground, the layer of soil and grass or other vegetation on top will collapse inside, creating a cavern in the ground.

Sinkholes in FloridaIf you are worried about finding a sinkhole near your Florida home, there are a couple of symptoms that you can watch out for. Some of the warning signs that a sinkhole is forming may be:

  • Sagging fence posts
  • Slanting trees
  • Wilting of vegetation
  • Small ponds of rainfall forming
  • Cracks in walls, floor or pavement

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These are issues that you may see if there is a sinkhole developing in your yard or near your home. Contact us today for a free estimate on sinkhole repair.