Sinkhole Repair for Tampa

Watching the news or reading about large sinkholes that swallow up houses, or suddenly form on a busy street can be frightening! What is not told in these news reports is the sinkholes that slowly are forming around or under your foundation. The large, sudden sinkholes that form that you read about about are a small percentage of sinkholes that form in the Tampa area. The entire state of Florida sits on top of thousands of layers of limestone. The natural acid in groundwater eventually dissolves the porous limestone. Also, rainwater becomes more acidic as it moves through decaying plant debris.

Even though these news reports make it seem Sinkhole repair Tampa, Sinkhole repair Tallahasseethat sinkholes are occurring more frequently, this is not the case. Sinkholes are likely forming at the same rate as they always have in the Tampa and Tallahassee area. Influencing this perception that sinkholes are occurring more frequently is due to several things such as population growth, sinkhole insurance claims, and triggering events. If any of these situations occur to you, you may be in need of sinkhole repair Tampa.

These triggering events can be climatic or seasonal as variations in precipitation occurs, such as going from a wet period to a dry period. Another trigger is simply human influence caused by an alteration of the land. Even the rapid depletion of groundwater used for agricultural can cause the removal of the protective sediments.

One of the natural triggers for sinkholes in Tampa and Tallahassee are tropical storms which Florida has their share of. Another natural trigger is animals burrowing and digging.

Some of the other, human influence that triggers a sinkhole to form are well drilling, broken waterline leaking, pounding into a foundation support structure, excessive vibration.

Sinkhole Repair Tallahassee Signs and Solutions

Signs that the foundation of your home may be in need of repair due to sinkholes and not foundation settlement are cracks in the foundation will have a circular pattern. trees and fence posts are slumping or falling, or a crack that is wider than a normal hairline crack. If you suspect your foundation is in need of repair,Foundation Professionals of Florida have the solutions to repair any of your foundation repair needs in Tampa and Tallahassee.

Compaction grouting is a method where fast setting polyurethane foam is injected into loose soil. The foam expands rapidly forming balls or columns of dense structural foam. The expansion compacts the surrounding soils and increases the load bearing capacity.

Void filling requires specialized equipment that heats, dispenses, and mixes resin to use in filling voids beneath concrete slabs. This is an extremely rapid set time which allows for precise control over the slab lifting operation.

Don’t let the worry of a possible sinkhole formation under your foundation give you sleepless nights. With over 30 years of experience, our personnel has the knowledge needed to inspect and give you the best solution to your sinkhole repair in Tampa and sinkhole repair in Tallahassee problem. Get an estimate today. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Foundation Professional of Florida also offer many other services. If you find yourself in need of any foundation or basement waterproofing services, we are here to help, with top quality sinkhole repair Tampa services!