Is there a Government Agency for Sinkholes

At the moment there is currently no government agency with the responsibility and authority of inspecting and servicing sinkholes in Florida. Often the Florida Geological Survey (FGS) receives calls from homeowners all over the state who have had the unfortunate experience of sinkhole. However, they do not have sufficient staff to visit all new sinkholes. They do encourage you to submit a subsidence incident report. If you call them the Florida Geological Survey will register you in a database of reported subsidence incidences which is available through the FGS web site. They will be happy to discuss your individual situation and make suggestions to you so that you will be informed as to how to handle the situation. In some parts of Florida, the local water management districts may have staff available to check local suspected sinkholes, particularly if they contain water.If a sinkhole is threatening you and your home, it would be best to contact your insurance company.  In some counties staff from the local Emergency Management offices may advise homeowners on safety and evacuation of homes impacted by sinkholes.

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