Project Description

Sinkhole Formation in Ocala, Florida Horse Race Track

One of our more recent sinkhole repair projects involved a large sinkhole that opened up at a horse racetrack in Ocala, FL. This sinkhole, as you can see from the pictures below, was large enough to cover over half of the track, and had very deep sides. Because of the sinkhole, the track was unsafe for horses. Fortunately, Foundation Professionals of Florida took care of the sinkhole using our expert sinkhole remediation technique.

Sinkholes like this one might appear gradually, but in many cases, they form suddenly. If a sinkhole like this one were to open up under a home, business, or parking lot, it could cause major damage or injury. Quick-forming sinkholes are dangerous because they do not provide time to react. However, if you notice odd depressions in your yard or on your property, contact us right away to take a look.

The Solution: Sinkhole Remediation with Void Filling

To repair sinkholes, the first step is to determine the severity of the problem. Once our team inspected this sinkhole, we determined that it could be filled in without causing damage or risking injury. We then repaired the sinkhole filling in the sinkhole itself and injecting a grout solution to compact the underground soil around the sinkhole and stabilize the area.

We specialize in repairing sinkholes of any size and depth. Our normal process is to fill in the majority of the sinkhole with soil and then use pressure grouting with a cement grout or polyurethane grout to fill in the sinkhole and ensure that all cracks and voids underground are filled. If you suspect sinkhole formation may be a problem on your property, give the team at Foundation Professionals of Florida a call today. We serve the entire state of Florida.