Coastal and Beach Erosion in Jacksonville, Florida

Seawall Coastal and Beach Erosion

If you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area along the beachfront, you undoubtedly know what a major problem coastal erosion can be. Beachfront homes can become significantly damaged due to beach erosion. Storms and large surf eat away at the coast and can cause the home sitting on top of the sand to shift and settle immensely. Eventually, the ground beneath the home may start to wear away completely and the home will collapse into the ocean below. All of this is the result of a missing or damaged seawall.

Fortunately, the expert foundation repair team at Foundation Professionals of Florida can repair your seawall and take care of any foundation problems that have been caused by erosion in your home. We will first determine the severity of the problem. If you have a seawall that is just leaning or bowing outward due to time, you can invest in seawall repair from Foundation Professionals of Florida. We use our foundation repair techniques to pull the seawall back into place so that it remains sturdy against the harsh ocean nearby.

Contact Foundation Professionals of Florida as soon as you notice any foundation problems that may be signs of a damaged seawall – sinking, sloped floors, settlement, floor or wall cracks, sticking door, and windows, etc.

Seawall Repair to Prevent Coastal Erosion in Jacksonville, FL

Helical Tieback for Seawall Repair

In order to fix your seawall, we install helical tiebacks. These are devices that work a lot like a large screw that is installed into the ground horizontally. The tiebacks are installed through the seawall and into the solid ground on the other side. As the tieback is screwed into the ground, it pulls the seawall into place and anchors it to prevent further leaning and keep the high tide from eroding the ground behind it.

Helical tiebacks can be used for a number of other applications in addition to seawall repair:

  • Basement Walls
  • Retaining Walls
  • Temporary Wall Support
  • Shoring
  • Tilt-Up Construction

If you are suffering from beach erosion in your Jacksonville, Florida area home, the team at Foundation Professionals of Florida has the seawall repair skills necessary to help you out. We will gladly install helical tiebacks to stop the failure of your seawall and keep coastal erosion at bay. Call us today for more information or to find out about our other services.