Coastal Erosion in Florida

In the state of Florida alone, there are over 1,000 miles of beaches. Because nearly the entire state is edged in coast, there is a great chance of coastal erosion for all those who live on the coast. For residents of the Jacksonville, FL area or other cities situated close to the coast, this concern is especially high.

Coastal Erosion in Florida

Coastal erosion occurs when sand becomes trapped along structures such as jetties, sea walls, piers, etc. As the sand is trapped, the natural movement of the water along the shoreline continues, but there is no longer sand moving with the water since the sand was trapped. This results in the water eroding the shoreline instead of replenishing the sand as it moves along. There are a couple of different causes of coastal erosion in Florida cities. These causes are:

  • Slow Rise of Sea-Level
  • Hurricanes or Other Storms
  • Poorly Planed Development
  • Navigation Inlets and Construction

Preventing Coastal Erosion in the Jacksonville, FL Area

Helical Tiebacks for Coastal Erosion Repair

Foundation Professionals of Florida will help you repair sea walls that have started to fail. These seawalls help prevent erosion by locking the sand along the shore into place. The prevents it from being eroded by the ocean. With a proper seawall, you can keep the beach around your home from being eaten away by the current. However, is the seawall is not in good condition, it may start to fail. This can lead to more erosion and other problems.

That is why the team at Foundation Professionals of Florida offers tieback solutions to keep your seawall in place and make sure that it stays secure. These tiebacks work like screws that are installed through the seawall and into the ground on the other side horizontally. As they are screwed into the ground, they pull the leaning and bowing wall straight and anchor it into place so that it can keep the beach from collapsing into the ocean and eroding away. Call the team at Foundation Professionals of Florida to determine the dangers of coastal erosion to your home and come up with seawall repair solutions to stop this problem.