Who to Call for dangerous Sinkholes

If a sinkhole has opened up in the middle of your street the first thing to do is call local law enforcement so that they area can be cordoned off.  On more than one occasion sinkholes will rupture pipe lines, spraying water all over the road. In these situations drivers attempt to pass through seemingly one a couple inches of water, when in reality there is large sinkhole hiding underneath.   It is especially important that the local officials are notified, so that no traffic or pedestrians are injured.  The sooner you can report it, the better.

Depending on where the sinkhole is located, the repair of the street may be in the hands of different groups.  If the hole appears on a privately owned street or driveway then it is the responsibility of the homeowner or the property owners association to contact the right repair company. Where as if it appears on city owned property then it is the responsibility of the municipal government to get it repaired. In both of these situations, law enforcement should be alerted that way no one is injured.

Foundation Professionals of Florida is your go to source for sinkhole repair. We do more than just repair and fix up foundations to homes. We have developed an all natural grout to fill voids created by sinkholes. This grout does not pollute groundwater, it is made up of minerals already present in the sediment. You can rely on us to get the job done right the first time.