Concrete Slab Cracks

SLAB CRACKS & CONCRETE CRACKS Because of the soil conditions in Florida, most slabs experience normal sinking and settling. This settling, however, can cause problems such as slab cracks. These cracks form when the soil beneath your slab shifts, causing the slab to have less soil underneath it and therefore crack under pressure. Concrete slab […]

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PROJECT: Home Depot Concrete Slab Floor Repair – Kenner, LA

Slab Cracks and Voids at Home Depot in Kenner, LA Soil issues and instability beneath one of the Home Depot stores, store no. 349, in Kenner, Louisiana had started to cause several issues in the concrete flooring. This Home Depot store had developed several voids under the concrete slab floor as well as cracks in the […]

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Steel Pier for Florida Foundation Repair
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