Manhole Leak Repair in Florida

Groundwater can easily find its way into leaking manholes, costing the city’s waste water treatment system thousands of dollars. This can result in flooded basements as well as sewer overflows. The cost of treating extra water is greater than the cost of finding a solution for the problem. With prime resins, Foundation Pros of Florida can repair, seal and protect manholes in a matter of minutes. Our experts specialize in Prime Flex polyurethane foams and gels to stabilize the soil.

manhole leak repair in floridaInstead of replacing or excavating the manhole, we repair the following issues:

  • Voids and gushing leaks
  • Slow leaks
  • Leaks through the manhole chimney
  • Leaks through the grade rings
  • Corroded manholes
  • Leaky joints
  • Leaks and surrounding soil

What causes infiltration in manholes? There are several factors that lead to leaky manholes in Florida, but the most common are caused by:

  • Cracks in the concrete
  • Poor construction methods or materials
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • High traffic loads driving over casting
  • Ground movement

Leaks can carry sand and other debris into your system which makes your pumps work harder in the lift stations. These leaks can safely be eliminated by using our Prime Flex grouting method.

Manhole Leak Repair Methods in Florida

Foundation Pros of Florida offers permeation grouting. It is a method where liquid resin is injected into the ground, so that the resin permeates the soil before reacting. Once reacted, the soil and resin create a stable impermeable mass in the soil that increases the load bearing capacity of the soil. Prime resins permanently eliminates and stops leaks by creating a watertight foam. They stop water from seeping through small cracks in the manhole. There are several types of prime resins that we offer. Some include:

  • Prime Flex 910 – This type of prime resin is a rigid hydrophobic foam used for permeation grouting. It stabilizes loose sand and soil, eliminates underground water flows and seals leaks.
  • Hydro Gel SX – This is a polyurethane gel that is mixed with 15 parts water. It creates a flexible water-tight foam that seals joints, manholes, and other structures.

Prime resins are the most preferred because they fill in voids, strengthen granular soils, and stop leaks. If there is a leaky manhole or underground leak on your property, contact our experts today. We can permanently stop leaks and stabilize the soil in Florida. Contact us today for effective, affordable service. We can help save money by stopping leaks.