Foundation Repair Pembroke Pines, Florida

sinkhole repair Pembroke Pines, FloridaPembroke Pines, FL often has heavy, short rains. When it rains, the ground around your home becomes saturated. This soil can place what is called hydrostatic pressure on your foundation. When your foundation is built, it is made to withstand a certain level of pressure. When the ground around your home becomes overly saturated, it can place too much pressure on your foundation, causing it to crack or settle.

Settling or cracked foundations can let in unwanted water, insects, and even critters. Avoid such a problem by giving us a call during Pembroke Pines’ wet season. We can use helical wall anchors to add support to bowing or leaning foundation walls. We also use piers from ECP to lift and level slabs that have cracked or settled. We can use our grouting options to fill voids beneath slabs and also fill cracks in foundations, walls, or slabs. These are just some of the foundation repair options we offer.

Additional Services for Pembroke Pines, Florida

Seawall & Lakewall Repair Pembroke Pines, Florida

Another important service for cities in Florida along the coast and near lakes is seawall repair. If you have a seawall or lake wall that has become damaged, it could lead to soil erosion near your home. This creates an unstable base for your home’s foundation and could lead to major structural issues as well as foundation failure. Watch for these failure symptoms in your seal or lake wall:

  • Bowing or leaning
  • Horizontal or vertical cracks
  • Crumbling or deterioration
  • Outward movement

These are all signs your seawall needs repaired. We can use both targeted grout injection to fill voids in the ground and stabilize seawalls and helical seawall tiebacks to pull them back into place when they start to lean.

Sinkhole Repair Pembroke Pines, Florida

Sinkholes are another serious issue in Florida. Be on the lookout for misaligned doors and windows, especially if they become difficult to open and close. Floors and walls will begin to crack. If floors crack in a circular pattern, that is a definite red flag. Walls may begin to lean, and floors may become slanted. If you notice any of these signs, give us a call right away.

Even a small sized sinkhole can lead to the need for sinkhole repair. Let our professionals help keep you and your home safe. We provide sinkhole repair options like compaction grouting to stabilize the soil underneath and around your home and prevent sinkhole-related issues.

Call us to learn more about our options for sinkhole, seawall, and foundation repair in Pembroke Pines, FL.